Friday, August 7, 2015

august 7

I imagine myself years from now on this same day, sitting here on this swing dedicated to my middle child, reflecting back to those five days in 2013. And I am sure each time, tears will spring up, as they do now. To remember those five days, the hours after Winona's birth, is both torture and beauty.  As each year passes, I am able to add to the list of gifts she has given us.

Today, the air is still. A few rain drops softly break the silence. Of course I wish I was holding her, singing with cupcakes and candles, I know she is everywhere. And although I still ask why, I also smile at her grace, her courage, the way she looked at me whenever I entered the room and of course where I am now; surrounded by all of her gifts.

Life gives and takes, and some days its gifts are so difficult to find. I know within those five days she was here with us, I couldn't see past the darkness. Today as I hold her little brother, the most precious gift of all, I see behind the darkness and I realize her beauty even more.

Today, is her second birthday. In remembrance of my strong willed, courageous and beautiful little girl. Who else could have changed the world the way you did in just five short days? I love you forever.